Monday, April 2, 2007

I Like to (Lust) and Love

I Like to (Lust) and Love
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i like to do

All remains the same for me.
I still love and desire much the same.
I have no one to blame for the woes
that pang therefrom, but me.

I create the failed expectations;
I engender the elations and the pain
more than those that don’t.
I love more than I should—
yet, I harbor no regrets.

I let myself feel,
much more than most,
because I know time heals
all wounds, regardless of how deep
they run.

Thus, I cannot complain.

For there is no shame in feeling.
There is no shame in loving,
if only from afar; there is no shame
in giving unconditionally; there is no
shame in knowing desire that cannot be returned.

I experiment all the time—
life is a sublime lab for that.
Besides, we are all rats in the lab of love
we are all running on the wheel,
we are all running through the maze.

It is nice when we find our way though;
it is nice to have a day without shocks
and clocks that remind us that time
is running out.

Yes, I have my doubts, much like
all the other mortals; but I have my
fair share of glee too. It is nice to see you
for one, it is nice to see you for two.

We should not be conscious of being
as much as being. Consciousness being
mostly an afterthought, after we have done,
and not asked, for those that don’t—think too much.

I like to do.

Regardless of the pangs,
regardless of the clamor,
regardless of the void
left in the wake of glee.

Because by doing
I get to have what I desire,
and thus continue to be inspired
to lust and love.

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