Saturday, April 7, 2007

Stalling Inhibition

The Eagle Has Landed
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Stalling Inhibition
(not this time)

She thinks were just friends.

Blame it on the wine,
but suddenly, I’m inclined
toward more.

Suo marito รจ qui con lei?
I dreamt of saying
after swaying,
after we kissed hello.

The kiss goodbye
was even better—
whetter, with the wine
kicking in.

But I know better.
I know the sting of her wrath already;
I know what this woman can do.

Hence, I will not pursue, you, this time
I will not pursue this minim of infatuation.
Even if your “tired” phone-voice did slowly
peel away a layer of my inhibition
this afternoon.

Even if, admittedly, I swoon
if only a little,
a little,
every time I see you.

No, not this time.

Wine, you devil you,
you demon,

Not this time.

Stalling, Part II

A couple shots of whiskey later.

I imagined she had whispered,
“Take me away, with you.”

Instead, she had really only said,
“I wish I could go with you,”
—I felt she actually meant it though.

I felt she was yearning for a night out,
her consolation being
she’s going away on business

Working, but at least, away.

Her aching was almost palpable,
I felt, I feel,
here in soused retrospect.

Something was amiss
when she stuck her head out the door,
to say goodbye again.

Not anymore.
I understand.

I imagined she whispered,
“Take me with you.”

I should have said,

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