Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Pleasures of Solitude

The Pleasures of Solitude
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The Pleasure of Solitude

This was an interesting assignment.

My friend Christina called me up two nights ago on April Fool’s Day and said, “I need you to take some pictures for me.”

I thought, “Sure, why not.” Little did I know what I was taking photos of…

Apparently, Ms. C got an assignment from the women’s magazine she writes for, to review seven of the top vibrators on the market.


The array of what is offered today is pretty impressive. There was The Rabbit, which understandably has a reputation…There was one that you plug into your iPod and that vibrates according to the bass of the song playing. There was one that retails for $265 because it comes with software with which you can program specialized grooves for and then send them to your loved one from afar. Apparently, some happy couples are into that…

Anyway, after listening to what each one can do, hearing about how each did, and then actually feeling them vibrate in my hand, it was easy to see why a woman might think, “Now, what do I need a man for?”

Of course, I’m being wholly facetious. Men are useful for many things like…like…hmmm, I’m having a little trouble here. Can anyone help me out here?

Nonetheless, I immediately concluded that today’s woman has got it made. Who needs human love and affection when you’ve got toys like these?

We all know the answer to that question—we all do. For there’s nothing like the real thing.

As often as we find ourselves wanting to replace each other with the indifferent joy of playing with tools and toys, women and men will always still need each other.

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