Wednesday, April 18, 2007

(Getting to) The Sweet Core of You

Appealing To Her
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(Getting to) The Sweet Core of You

i look forward to
restorative anaerobic feasts,
tonics for souls deprived of sucrose
for far too long, bacchanalias
made for gluttons with bad intentions;
and invigorating symposiums
debating the wherefores and why-nots
of culinary depravity and abandon.

i look forward to
forks full of thousand-layered pancakes,
sips at tall glasses of ice-cold orchata,
and bites of those little baguettes that whet
the appetite; the bánh mì rife with
strings of pickled carrots, daikon,
cilantro and savory charred-pork.

i look forward
to answering the unanswered
great questions about what
makes what and this and that,
weaving slow entanglements
of limbs lost in each other.

i look forward to
to the lathering,
to the frothing,
to steamy, hot
and spicy pots of
Abuelita’s soothing brew—
canela, piloncillo
vanilla, y cocoa con leche

i look forward to
silver pots of coffee,
into thick pools
of dulce de leche;
confiture de lait, cajeta, arequipe—
Ca Phe Sua Da.

i look forward
to eatin’ pee-can pie, and Breyers
dripped with hot caramel,
and trying to pronounce them all,
correctly, while eating—
kar-uh-muhl or kahr-muh
vuh-nil-uh or, often, -nel-uh
and pee-kan or pi-kahn
at least, according to Websters…

i look forward
testing your patience,
to peeling away the layers—
the rind, the albedo, the membrane;
picking out the pips,
and feeding you
each pearl of pulp—
one by one, each a juicy seed
of angiospermatic sensation.

And i look forward
to peeling away other layers too—
of your psyche, of memory, of the future,
of resistance and the undulating to-and-fro
of knowing why and where we must go
before I reach the core
of you.


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