Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Fav-o-nator 5000

The Fav-o-nator 5000
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The Fav-o-nator 5000

At the beginning of the month, I celebrated a major flickr milestone when I had the millionth streamview of my photos on August 1. We’ve added 40,000 more views since then. Thank you once again.

Today, I would like to thank everyone who has ever marked one of my photos as a “favorite,” for yesterday afternoon the 5,000th photo was added to the pool.

To commemorate this milestone I’ve researched the significance of the number 5,000 and came up with the following Five Fun “Facts”:

5. Myth has it that every year swallows migrate 5,000 miles from South America to California—or if you’re from the UK, from South Africa to Britain. Actually, it’s more like 7,500 miles on the Pacific coast and 6,000 miles on the Atlantic. It also depends on the kind of swallow were talking about, “Was it a little swallow or did she swallow the whole thing?” There are eight swallow species that live in North America.

4. 5000 is the last year of the 5th Millennium. The fifth millennium is a period of time which will begin on 1 January 4001 and will end on 31 December 5000. Do you think we’ll make it? Suddenly, it feels unusually warm in here…

3. Humans speak over 5,000 different languages. According to Ethnologue, there are actually 6,912 known living languages used around the world. I’ve studied a handful, but can really only barely speak one. My ex-wife says that I can barely even communicate at all.

2. “5000” is a very popular brand suffix for household appliances, auto parts and electronic equipment worldwide.

1. I typed in “5,000” into Google and I got 402,000,000 results.

Thanks for reading, thanks for clicking on your favorites, thanks for the memories, thanks for everything. Following is a full list of the 5,000 favorites, please peruse and mark yours.


Photos, illustrations and other images deemed favorites by fellow flickr members:

flickr favorites/favoritos:
1-1001 (the first 1,001)

More Flickr Favorites:
1002-1668 (the second 666)

Still More Flickr Favorites:
1669-2112 (444 more)

Más y Más Favoritos:
2113-2334 (222 plus)

Favorites V:
2335 - 2778 (444 mas)

Favorites VI:
2779-3111 (333)

Favorites VII:
3112-3444 (333)

Favorites VIII:
3445-3666 (222)

Favorites IX:
3667-3999 (333)

Favorites X:
4000-4221 (222)

Favorites 11:
4222-4443 (222)

Favorites 12:
4444-4666 (223)

Favorites 13:
4667-4888 (222)

Favorites 14:
4889-4999 (111)

Favorites 15:
5000-5009 (10)

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