Sunday, August 5, 2007

Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son
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Like Father, Like Son
(a paternal self-fulfilling prophecy)

You don’t know it yet,
but you’re a lot like me.

I believe you’ll see
as I do—
with eyes open wide,
with a heart open wider,
with a mind not to take sides;

especially, when you’re vying
to wile your way inside her,
or him, or them—
captivating minds, hearts,
and souls, if only
with a smile.

And you’ll see
that when you’re in control
my son, reality is as malleable
and magic
as you imagine it to be.

And thus,
although I cannot see
into the future, I imagine

and confess
that I imagine,

that you’ll be
just like me son,
just like me.


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