Thursday, August 23, 2007

That’s Just The Way It Is

The Way It Is
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That’s Just The Way It Is

After all, it’s all that matters.

Who she is matters almost never;
faces only count sometimes;. How’s she’s dressed?
Well, yes of course, for less is more,
and fantasy always fills in whatever's missing.

Bare the breasts though, and you’ve got show.
Show me some skin, and you’ll quickly win the hearts of many.
Suddenly, worms wiggle from the woodwork,
skyscrapers stand erect at attention,
and countless strangers gawk and click and mark
your photos as their "favorites."

As my five year old has taken to saying lately:
“And that’s that. That’s the way it is…Right?”


"There are many ways of bisecting the world, of making binary distinctions between north and south, haves/have-nots, wheat/rice, Baywatch/Al Jazeera, shirt in/shirt out. But what is most interesting, most telling, is the division between the breast world and bottom world. The United States is right at the cleavage of the breast world. Breast Is Best. It is the wholesome American bosom, perky with promise. Breasts point at you from billboards, glossy pages, shopwindows, and while you're running for rush-hour taxis..."
- "Blame It on Brazil."by A.A. Gill, Vanity Fair, September 2007 -

p.s. and lest anyone misinterpret, this is sophmoric satire, not philosophy or ideology.


(R&O thank you for the inspiration)

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