Thursday, August 9, 2007

Good Morning, Georgia

Good Morning, Georgia
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1. Good Morning, Georgia, 2. Good Morning, Georgia (Again)

August 9, 2007, Atlanta, GA:

Good Morning, Georgia

Bleary-eyed and travel worn, I woke up at 6 AM to some twangy, clock-radio honky-tonk via 99 WDEN, Atlanta, GA.

Last night, since I don’t have a TV at home, I foolishly decided to see what I’ve been missing on YouTube. Apparently, I’m addicted to Family Guy, because I ended staying up a few too many hours past my bedtime, futilely trying to catch up.
Moreover, yesterday, I traveled all day to get here from NYC. For most of the trip I was preoccupied with "just getting there," because we had a small thunderstorm that essentially completely wiped out the city's subway system all morning long.

What should have taken me all but half an hour, took two and a half hours of multiple segments of walking, cross-town buses and taxis. With masses of people walking through the streets and hordes more huddled into buses, I thought and overheard others thinking aloud, "It's just like 9.11 again."

This of course delayed flights at all the airports, so that ultimately, I traveled for about 9 hours straight.

Thus, I will be broadcasting from Alpharetta (Atlanta) Georgia this week, until Sunday. If you’re from this area, give me a shout out. Would love to find an interesting place or party to shoot.

Oh, and by the way, “Good morning Y’all.” I’m glad to be in Georgia again.



(R&O thank you for the inspiration)

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