Friday, August 17, 2007


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I stir my martinis
with my finger.

Uncouth as it may be,
naturally, I find my finger
useful for many things:
pushing all kinds of buttons.

Dipping (into),
walking through little black books,
stirring the senses
of the wanton who likewise
like to drink.

I think, therefore I drink;
it’s an easy escape
from the consequences of thought,
for one ought not think too much,
lest you get confused.

Act more, think less.
Unless, of course, you’re an aspiring academic.
Than, well then, you can think all you want,
for no one is going to pay much attention to you otherwise.

I write, therefore I am;
scibro, ergo sum.

1. Often, I find words
to be as useful as a finger,
especially when a finger cannot be used.

2. I can stir up trouble with words,
light whet girls on fire—
plant surly thoughts that grow
into feral plantations of desire.

Life can be very exciting
when you can stir with words,
as well as you stir with a finger.

(R&O thank you for the inspiration)

Rose, Olive & Me

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