Friday, July 20, 2007

The Clock is Ticking

The Clock is Ticking
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The Clock is Ticking

She couldn’t stop the ticking.

It began merely as a dream. It was a pleasant dream that often made her smile.

Then one day, while walking down Broadway, casually striding in the sun, on her way to buy a new pair of shoes, it became—a feeling.

When she first felt it in her belly, it was almost like a slow awakening, a drowsy, Sunday-morning snooze-into-sunrise.

Soon, it grew from a mere spark into a warm, golden, even-tempered flame.

Sometimes though, it would get too hot, and soon would begin the crazy thoughts. “Any man will do. Just let him sow. I'll let him know that he can simply plant his seed inside of me, and then, go away.”

Ethereal thoughts of the seed sprouting often overwhelmed her with warmth.

Occassionally, the warmth would begin to burn. And then the burn would turn into yearning—a piquing, impetuous, almost-violent, hunger.

“Now! I want you inside me now,” she’d nearly scream to every new visitor that she’d bring home to her tiny apartment on the Upper West Side; a small, uncomfortable studio that overlooked the Hudson.

“Now!” she’d demand with that crazy-look in her eyes, her nails clawing at their backs, each fella foolishly convinced that her ravenous craving was his manly undoing.

Little did they know though, that her insatiable wanting came from within, and that they were merely the means to a pressing, pushing, prodding end.

She was especially flushed and frustrated, savagely longing, whenever she came home, alone; after the long happy hour and the quick turn into midnight and the hundreds of hours she found herself at bars all around the city, trolling for the right guy.

Upon the precipice of her 33rd birthday, she realized that she was hauntingly always in heat.

And this was when she began hearing ticking everywhere. Imaginary clocks tocking to her, tearing her apart with their incessant reminders that time was always moving—opportunity fleeting.


(R&O thank you for the inspiration)

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