Monday, July 2, 2007

My Thoughts for Today

My Thoughts for Today
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the original illustration, which was created from a foto of a flower that I used to illustrate some other verse of mine.

My Thoughts For Today

I’m not going to think about sex today;
24 hours without any lurid thoughts.

Flowers, I’ll just think about flowers.
Red…pink, better make that white
and yellow, buds, blossoming with wet,
glistening petals, opening up to welcome
the day, eager to let the sunshine in
to warm and fortify her pistils
as they stretch, grabbing, yearning
for the invigorating energy
of the sun.

It should be no surprise
that the flora with the brightest, stiffest
pistils attract the most bees and butterflies—
one eagerly unfurling its proboscis, slowly
inserting this hollow tongue to sip and suck
and draw out the sweet nectar from the very heart
of its host; the other dancing frantically on top,
lithely brushing its scopa, bristling against
the erect stamen, collecting a thousand golden grains
to take back to the comb.

I’m not going to think about sex today;
flowers, I’ll just think about flowers.

"Most artists are highly sexed. Sex and creativity go together. Sex keeps you alive."
— Anthony Burgess, British novelist —


(R&O thank you for the inspiration)

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