Monday, July 16, 2007

Three, Things I Like

Three, Things I Like
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1.Un Deux Trois, 2. A Passage into Paradise, 3. One Thing Impossible

Three, Things I Like

Like practically every man, I fantasize, often,
about having a threesome, a ménage a trois.
Maybe its because I grew up Catholic:
The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost.
Or maybe its just because I’m a man…
I wonder, do gay man yearn the same?

My favorite skyscrapers all have pinnacles,
I guess one might surmise that I like them
because they look like giant penises,
but, for the sake of verse, I’ll contend its
because, from a two-dimensional distance,
they end in three-jagged-edges.

I’ve had three mid-life crises already,
not sure I liked having them, but
they motivated me nonetheless, and

This morning, I tried
to clean out my voice-mail box at work
by reviewing the 60 messages saved.
I didn’t get very far, because after hearing
her voice and her standard opening phrase,
”Hey mister, it’s…” three times and
pressing save three times again and again and again,
I stopped listening and gave up on deleting, anything.

I’ve blacked-out three times from excessive
drinking over a lifetime of almost 40 years
—at 13, when my parents went away
for an overnight, and I decided to dip into and delight
in my father’s liquor cabinet; at the end of a long
Night to Remember, when I had six Hennessey martinis,
each one made with 2 shots of cognac and half a lemon;
and on my honeymoon, in Firenze, where I
drank half a bottle of limoncello
the experiences weren’t too charming,
but they make for good stories, and
bad makeshift poems about tre, trois, three.

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Three, Things I Like

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(R&O thank you for the inspiration)

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