Monday, July 16, 2007

I Like The Feel

I Like The Feel
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I Like The Feel

I like the feel of your wet hair
—here and here, and there.
Especially, when it dangles over me,
small drips falling, running down my cheek,
like tears onto my pillow.

I like the willowing touch of your toes
sweeping against my feet, brushing
up my ankles and calves, heels digging
into the concave, sinking, arch of me.

I like the firm press of your fingers,
the slow stroke,
the graceful to and fro,
the tips that know where and why
and when to glide gracefully
across my back.

I like it when your nails attack,
assail me, sharpening claws against my skin,
wanting, cajoling, pushing me further-deeper in
to the greater depths of our crescendo.

I like the feel of your wet hair.


Foto Notes:

Using a photo from Rose & Olive as inspiration, I composed the verse based on the subject’s wet hair. From there, I manipulated a photo of mine by cropping, rotating the canvas in the direction of the breast and the light on the wall, as well as changing the tones and shadows to mimic R&O’s gorgeous portrait of Brittany.


Rose, Olive & Me

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