Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wet, Moist and Fragrant

Wet, Moist and Fragrant
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Wet, Moist and Fragrant

In California
I understood the earth,
for it was there, where I grew up,
that I relished the redolent pique
of the first smell of soil after the rain,
of rollicking and wrestling in the mud,
of the gritty feel of a rock before
I tossed it across the train tracks at
the punk-kids from the other side;
of sticky-milky milkweed covered with
orange-white-black stripped caterpillars;
of giant fig trees ripe with velvety-purple
plums that upon being pulled apart,
offered orgasms of pink-fleshy fruit.

It is here, in New York City,
where I grow old, that I yearn
to understand that earth again;
I think that is why I so often carelessly throw
myself into the charms and curves and company
of women. They are earthy,
they are wet and moist and fragrant;
they make me yearn freedom,
make me feel like throwing rocks again,
roll in the mire naked, build big fires;
and howl and eat and procreate
much like a barbarian; much like
an unrefined, toothy, curious kid


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(R&O thank you for the inspiration)

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