Thursday, July 19, 2007

(Something, Somewhere,) Unknown

(Something, Somewhere,) Unknown
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1. Something, 2. Somewhere,

Something, Somewhere, Unknown

I quickly scanned the archives of unpublished photos this morning before rushing off to work, in search of something, something unknown, but something nonetheless that might match the inspiration I was working off of.

I worked through a couple dozen folders filed under “F,” running through slideshow after slideshow of a few hundred photos spanning a year or so.

Flashback after flashback of great times, good times, bad quickly put me in a tizzy; a vertigo of happy-sad nostalgia that spun me through the memories made with a wonderful woman I once knew.

Granted, I still “know” her—I would proclaim profoundly so. Likewise, I’ll laud that I still love and appreciate her just as deeply as ever, as once before.

Yet, even though I was compelled to send her a note expressing just this, this morning, I know I couldn’t, lest I mislead her to an unknown somewhere where I can’t go.

Thus, this diptych instead. An ode and homage to her, a eulogy to the beautiful coupling we once were, but can never be again.


(R&O thank you for the inspiration)

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