Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ode to Thee, Feet

Ode to Thee, Feet
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Ode to Thee, Feet

no hair grows there and
we are all whiter, paler, where
we stamp our feet into the earth,
a firm hold, plantation,
the soles proving: we stood here.
the prints mark our coming and goings,
our existence is felt in the pique
of a thousand pores and more
nerves than we have fingers
to soothe and caress and massage
the pain of a long day away.


Foot Note: The original photo was created by Rose & Olive. I chose to desaturate the picture in order to bring out the beauty of the form, and I decided to turn the photo sideways because I perceived these soles to originally be lying in a bed, prostrate, horizontally placed.

You see, I have a fetish for landscape photos, I’m not very fond of the portrait angle, because when we normally see the world with both eyes we see wide, we see peripherally; hence, it soothes me to see things naturally, or at least as I am apt to see them.

Secondly, I turned the photo upside-down, so to speak, because it exposed the soles, expressing their innate vulnerability; and the subsequently concave curvature that creates a welcoming and sensual cup, a sweet openness and invitation to play, to know, to engage in somatic and soulful intimacy.


Rose, Olive & Me

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